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If it were a place, it'd be "Liebermannsk" (it might be). - This page. Only follow the link if you don't believe me. - Robert's main website - everything's linked from here for the most part. - I had a Russian version of the website, but my long-suffered rusophilia has been greatly cured by putinissimo and putinism, so I abandoned it. - has also Soviet version of same, that also abandoned. - The original domain, maybe a blog sometime if I ever get interested in that. Charming French host company. - The Upper Peninsula Bicycle Touring information website. [new 2009; added to from time to time] - In case I ever want to do any commercial UP bicycle touring projects. - Information on the late great Michigan Conservation and Michigan Natural Resources magazines, published by the state between 1931 and 1999 (it was killed off by the engler regime). [new 2010; added to from time to time] - Me as a consulting company - mapping, ecology, photography, and so forth. - In case people spell it with one L instead of two (which was the original spelling of the ghost town after which it's named, so there). - Undisclosed. For clandestine operations only.


That's the Barguzin Mountains across Lake Baikal from the Ushkanii Islands in the background, by the way. 1995. Those were the days. You can scroll the box up and out of the way to see it better.